ParkAlbany App - Park. Pay. Be On Your Way.TM

Pay by Phone / Pay by Plate

Albany, say hello to the contactless way to pay for parking!  Park where you see ParkAlbany app signs & decals, pay for your parking session from your phone, and be on your way to enjoy our city. 

To Download or learn more about the ParkAlbany App, visit:

Already an App User? Access Your Account and Reciepts Here. 


What are the benefits of using ParkAlbany?

Pay on the go:

- Pay quickly and securely with your phone.

- Forget refilling the meter in the rain or having to leave a meeting.

No need to rush:

- Get alerts when your parking session is about to end.

- No need to worry about how much time is left on the meter, add time to your parking session directly from your phone.

Easy expenses:

- Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session.

- Expenses made easy, manage your parking history through the mobile app.

No Need to Worry:

-  ParkAlbany app transactions are instantly available to parking enforcement personnel through their wireless handheld devices.

Manage your parking session online:

- App User can also manage their parking sessions online at: 


How do I pay for parking with ParkAlbany?

1. Download the ParkAlbany app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Create an account with your cell phone number.

3. Park anywhere you see ParkAlbany app signs & decals.

4. Enter your zone number, license plate and length of stay.

5. Pay for your parking session from your phone. Extend your time remotely if you’d like to stay extra!


Where can I use the ParkAlbany App?

- Most meter kiosks are located in the Downtown, Washington Ave, Central Ave, St. Peter’s Hospital and Albany Medical Center areas.


Multi-Space Meter

Using one of our On-Street Kiosks, parkers can simply enter their license plate when they pay for their parking session, instead of walking back to the vehicle to display their parking receipt their dashboard.


pay by plate meter closeup pay by plate meter

How do I use a Multi-Space Meter?

1. Press start button on keypad to begin

2. Enter license plate number

3. Insert coins to add time or insert credit card and follow on screen instructions 

4. Press green button to complete transaction

5. Retain receipt for proof of payment

For a detailed demonstrationon on how to Pay by Plate using our On-Street Kiosks, please veiw the video below:



Single-Space Meter

How do I use a Smart Single-Space Meter?


Coin Payments

If you are paying with coins, insert them into the coin slot for the amount of time you would like to park.

- Our Smart Single Space Meters accept quarters, dimes, nickels, and $1 coins.


Credit Card Payments

1. Insert and remove your credit card or credit card-branded debit card (mag stripe up and to the right) into the Smart Single Space Meter. 

2. With the white [^] and [v] buttons, select the amount of time you would like for your parking session.

3. You will see the total cost of your parking session displayed below the selected time.

4. Press the green [OK] button to confirm your payment, or red [CANCEL] button to stop your transaction.

5. After 35 seconds, the meter will authorize the payment shown on the screen if neither button is pressed.

- Our Smart Single Space Meters accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express