Garages and Lots

What is the definition of a public parking facility?

Parking is defined by use, not by ownership. Garages and lots are open for public parking wherever any motorist can pay a fee to park. Private or restricted parking facilities are only open to permitted employees or customers of a business or institution.

Where can I find the Parking Authority Garages?

Please visit our Garages page for garage location, rates, and hours of operation.

Will downtown businesses validate my parking ticket for free parking?

pdf Over a dozen downtown businesses (7 KB) validate free parking for customers in ParkAlbany garages. You must take the ticket with you to have it validated at the business.

What payment methods can I use for daily Garage parking?

The parking garages accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) or cash (no bills larger than $20).   

How can I sign up for monthly parking?

You can purchase your garage parking online with a major credit card. If you need assistance, call our customer service center at 518-434-8886, 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday. Monthly parking is sold by the calendar-month, and is not pro-rated. Your access card allows for an unlimited number of entries and exits from the garage, resulting in a reduced rate from the regular daily charges. Passes for the current month will be sold until the 15th. After the 15th, it may be cheaper to pay by the day.

When are monthly payments payable, and what happens if I don't pay on time?

Monthlies agree to pay by the first day of each month, in advance. Your access card will not open the gate if your payment is late. Daily rates apply until your fee is paid. There are no refunds for daily payments.

How do I cancel a Monthly Parking Pass?

Corporate/Group Passes - Requests to cancel a Monthly Parking Pass must be sent in writing and received by the Albany Parking Authority no later than 30 days prior to the 1st of month you wish your cancellation to take effect on.

Individual/Residential Passes - Requests to cancel a Monthly Parking Pass must be sent in writing and received by the Albany Parking Authority no later than the 24th of your current billing cycle.

  • All cancelations will take effect on the 1st of the month of the following month.
  • Parking Passes are sold at a monthly rate and we are unable to do partial month cancelations.
  • After canceling, if you choose to purchase a Monthly Parking Pass in the at a later date it will be at the current established rate.

Requests to cancel should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Am I able to transfer my access card to someone else?

No, the access card cannot be assigned to anyone other than the original monthly parker. The card must always be used in sequence to enter and then to exit the garage. Using the card out of sequence will result in anti-passback that prevents the gate from rising.

Why do I need an access card if the LPR system reads my license plate?

The LPR system will not read 100% of the time. A few situations that may affect a proper read include a dirty plate, a bent plate, snow or ice coverage, vanity plates, plates with stacked letters, and bright sun blocking out the plate view. Monthly parkers should always have their access card with them in the event of plate read failure.

What happens if I damage or misplace my monthly access card?

Monthlies are urged to carefully handle and keep track of their cards. Cards will be replaced for a fee. Contact customer service at 518-434-8886 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a replacement card.

Can I park my motorcycle in the garage?

Motorcycles are not allowed in the garages. Please see our pdf Motorcycle Policy (17 KB) for details. If you are a monthly cardholder and plan to drive your motorcycle to work, contact customer service for information regarding an alternate parking location.

Can I leave my car overnight in the APA garages?

Yes, you may leave your car overnight but we must have your license plate on file. If you are a ticket holder, please call customer service at 518-434-8886 as some restrictions may apply. Please visit our Garages page for garage location, rates, and hours of operation.

Where can I find the garage & lot rates and schedules?

pdf Download Garage & Lot Rate Schedules here (94 KB)

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What can I do about a parking ticket?

Instructions for payment and appeal are on the ticket. Call the Parking Violations Bureau at 518-434-5006.

What if my car is booted?

If your vehicle is booted you should call the phone number on the Booting Notice.

What if my car is towed?

If your car is towed, you can call the Albany Police Department Dispatch at 518-438-4000.

Can I reserve parking spaces or parking meters?

Yes, you can reserve parking spaces for moving, loading trucks, vendor truck, special event, etc. You must call the Traffic Engineering Division at 518-434-5791 to reserve a space. If you are reserving a space at a parking meter, a fee may be charged. Click here -> BAGGING RATE UPDATE 2019 for a schedule of fees.

What credit cards are accepted at the parking meters?

For meters that accept credit cards, you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

What days are meters in effect?

Most meters are in effect Monday through Friday, except for  pdf HOLIDAYS 2020 (55 KB)  Times may vary, please refer to signage in the area in which you are parking. 

Where should I call about the residential parking permits?

The Albany Parking Authority does not issue residential permits. Contact the City Clerk at 518-434-5090 as they handle residential parking.

Can I leave my car on the street over the weekend?

Parking Meters are not enforced on the weekends. However, you should contact the Traffic Safety Division to inquire about on-street regulations at 518-462-6593.

Is parking free for Palace Theatre events?

We offer free parking for most Palace Theatre events either at our Quackenbush Garage or Quackenbush Lot. Please refer to our Events Calendar to see what APA facility is open for the specific events.

How can I get a handicapped license plate?

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues handicapped plates to qualified vehicle owners. Visit their website at

How can I get a handicapped hangtag?

The application form can be picked up at either Albany City Hall or the Albany Police Department at 165 Henry Johnson Boulevard.

Where can I get information about bus routes and schedules?

You may call CDTA at (518) 482-8822, or visit the CDTA website.

Where can I get general downtown information?

Information can be found on the following websites:

Where can I find SNOW EMERGENCY information?

Information can be found on the following website:


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