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Albany Parking Authority

There are nearly 22,000 parking spaces for employees, residents and visitors, in downtown Albany; capital city of the Empire State. The Albany Parking Authority manages more than one-third of the public parking inventory, including on-street metered spaces.

Goals for 2014

  • Commission the fourth phase roll-out of the new "smart meters"
  • Coordinate with City towards a pay by cell phone parking payment platform
  • Plan to incorporate mobile applications with payment platforms to support economic development
  • Provide parking incentives supporting creative reuse of existing building inventory
  • Evaluate automating the Parking Access Revenue Control (PARC) system
  • Expand web based information and services to help people locate parking and make purchases via credit card including special events and daily parking
  • Implement a new signage package that provides wayfinding to Central Avenue Parking Lots
  • Populate the APA website with more information to better inform the public
  • Pursue involvement in city development projects

Long Term Goals

  • Maintain and sustain APA facilities responsibly
  • Sustain and incentivize economic development in the City of Albany
  • Embrace technology that improves efficiency and provides services effectively
  • Achieve improved solutions to parking challenges
  • Elevate service and convenience for parkers
  • Be sensitive to residential needs
  • Expand web based information and services, and mobile "apps" to help people locate parking, and make E-purchases including special events and daily parking
  • Provide electric vehicle charging stations as electric vehicles gain market share
  • Supporting planning for transportation alternatives

The Authority was established in 1983 as a public benefit corporation under the New York State Parking Authority Law.  The Law authorizes the Authority to construct, operate and maintain locations in the City of Albany for public parking facilities.  In order to achieve its planning and design goals to meet parking demand, the Authority is authorized to issue tax-exempt bonds.  The bonds must be self-supporting from user fees.

The Parking Authority is governed by a five-member board of directors, which has the powers and responsibilities customary to the board of a private corporation. The board employs 22 staff who operate and maintain its three public parking garages, 11 surface lots, and paid on-street parking under contract for the City of Albany. 

Parking tickets are issued by the Albany Police Department. The Parking Authority has no jurisdiction to issue, adjudicate or collect parking tickets, and receives no ticket revenue.

The Albany Parking Authority's mission is to provide secure, convenient and affordable parking in support of economic development in the City of Albany. The Albany Parking Authority manages more than 5,000 parking spaces to serve those that live, work, or visit New York's capital. The Authority receives no tax support of Federal, State, City or private grants.

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