The CashKey is a programmable key that works much like a debit card and eliminates the need to carry quarters for parking meters. The CashKey can be used at any single space parking meter. CashKeys can be programmed with prepaid amounts in $10 increments up to $100 and can also be used in combination with coins. 

Purchase the CashKey

  • To purchase a CashKey online click HERE
  • To purchase the CashKey in person, stop by the Albany Parking Authority office at 25 Orange Street, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

When you purchase a CashKey, a refundable deposit of $20 is charged in addition to the dollar amount you put on the key.

Prepay for your CashKey Reload

  • To prepay to reload a CashKey online click HERE
  • After reloading your CashKey account online, you may visit us in person or mail your CashKey to the Albany Parking Authority located at 25 Orange Street, Albany, NY 12227 for your account balance to be transferred to your CashKey.

When the amount programmed on the CashKey is low or exhausted, you may either replenish your key in person at the Albany Parking Authority, 25 Orange Street, Albany, NY 12227 or by mailing the CashKey to us.

Return your CashKey

If you need to return an undamaged CashKey, you can either come in person or mail your key in a padded envelope with the necessary postage to the Albany Parking Authority, 25 Orange Street, Albany, NY 12227.  A check for the cash balance on the key plus the key deposit will be mailed to you. 

Damaged or Lost Cash Key

CashKeys are very durable and resistant to water, magnetic or x-ray exposure.  In the unlikely event that your CashKey is damaged, we will issue a refund of the remaining amount on the key only if we can determine how much money is left.  No refunds for deposits or key balances will be issued for a lost key.

CashKey Video

More Information

Have more questions about the CashKey?  See our FAQ page.

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